Farming and ranching is no longer just a way of life, it is an intense business ever changing. The number of absentee owners/investors with little or no farming/ranching experience continues to grow.

Cumming Realty, LLP is experiences in all aspects of the day to day operations of a working farm or ranch. Contact Us to discuss your particular situation and goals and we can tailor a management program to meet your needs.

At Cumming Realty, LLP we are committed to increasing our client’s enjoyment and profit potential on your farm and/or ranch.

Cumming Realty, LLP management provides:
Tenant Selection, Lease Negotiation and Administration
Master Planning, Budgeting, Accouning and Consulting
Procurement of Crop Inputs, Livestock and Equipment
Marketing of Crops and Livestock
Farm and Ranch Renovation, Improvement and Maintenance
Wildlife, Aquatic, and Recreational Management and Enhancement